Wellmunity Technology announces release of software for cancer patients, survivors, families, and caregivers

Computer Program for Cancer PatientsWellmunity Technology has announced that it has released the first ever PC software for cancer patients, survivors, families and caregivers affected by the disease.

The Med-Track 360 software program is a first of its kind and provides those impacted by cancer with the ability to take a more active role in the care provided. It gives caretakers and patients their own Med-Track 360 patient records, which can help fill in what is missing from traditional electronic medical records.

The software is designed for use on a personal computer and is both secure and reasonably priced, with a focus on the patient and a design for the survivors of the disease and their caregivers.

The tool is quite simple to use and costs $249. It gives patients the ability to run their daily lives more effectively and understand how to pursue a more hopeful and positive outcome.

The reason that this software was developed was as a response to the need of cancer patients and those who support them to better cope with the tremendous amount of information that they receive and need to organize, track, document, share, and monitor health matters.

It was developed by Charles Georg, who is, himself, a cancer survivor. He found that the demands of communication and management of information were enormous and needed a program to help him to cope.

He explained that over the three years of his treatment, he had to manage “over 250 appointments, including radiation and chemo treatments, imaging studies, procedures and surgeries with 20 different physicians at 14 medical facilities, while taking 35 different prescriptions”.

Note from writer: This comes from a personal experience as a caregiver…the amount of paperwork received from health insurance and doctors is overwhelming! In this blogger’s opinion, this is an item well worth it, keep the stress to a minimum…there are bigger fish to fry in this battle.

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