The best thing we do is celebrate the cancer survivor and all that they go through. If you have a story you’d like to share we would love to hear it. Its one of the biggest things that anyone would have to go through and we can learn a lot from others.

When someone is diagnosed with cancer

Cancer Diagnoses

  There may be nothing more terrifying than that heart-stopping moment when you find out someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer. Not only are you facing uncertainty as to whether that person can regain good health, you wonder about how drastically life is going to change for them and for you. If you […]

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Wellmunity Technology announces release of software for cancer patients, survivors, families, and caregivers

Computer Program for Cancer Patients

Wellmunity Technology has announced that it has released the first ever PC software for cancer patients, survivors, families and caregivers affected by the disease. The Med-Track 360 software program is a first of its kind and provides those impacted by cancer with the ability to take a more active role in the care provided. It […]

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The role of family caregivers in cancer patient care

  As cancer treatments become more effective, patients with the disease are living longer and are increasingly requesting care at home, with family caregivers providing the support the patient needs throughout the treatment. These caregivers include partners and spouses, children, other relatives, and close friends; all of whom are performing tasks that had traditionally been […]

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A Volunteer Helping Hand Goes A Long Way!

Volunteer to be a Driver for Cancer Patients

Some say the economic crisis has dampened the spirit of being a volunteer as well as donating to the needy, this due to tight budgets. However, there are many things we can do to help a family-member or a neighbor who’s in need because of cancer or any sickness, without us spending money or using our material […]

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Taking Care of Yourself is Important When Caring for Those with Cancer


Caring for those with cancer can be a daunting task, one that takes all your strength, both physically and emotionally. When caregivers are exhausted and stressed and are coping with their own set of emotions, they might not be able to provide the best care for the ones they love. So, what can be done […]

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