With most cancer insurance policies offering a mammogram benefit under wellness, we find breast cancer education a relative topic to write about. Featuring insurance information along with health tips and volunteering opportunities.

When someone is diagnosed with cancer

Cancer Diagnoses

  There may be nothing more terrifying than that heart-stopping moment when you find out someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer. Not only are you facing uncertainty as to whether that person can regain good health, you wonder about how drastically life is going to change for them and for you. If you […]

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Breast cancer awareness month might tell you some things you didn’t know

  The more you can learn about the disease, the better your chances of survival if you have it. Breast cancer isn’t an easy topic to discuss or even think about, but by learning about the disease and finding out how you can detect it as early as possible, you will make an important difference […]

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The cost of breast cancer insurance can vary widely depending on many factors

Cancer Facts

According to the American Cancer Institute, breast cancer is second only to non-melanoma skin cancer among women, as approximately 12 percent of the female population born today will receive a diagnosis at some point in their lives. No matter when breast cancer is diagnosed, it does come with its financial costs, but the size of […]

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Wellmunity Technology announces release of software for cancer patients, survivors, families, and caregivers

Computer Program for Cancer Patients

Wellmunity Technology has announced that it has released the first ever PC software for cancer patients, survivors, families and caregivers affected by the disease. The Med-Track 360 software program is a first of its kind and provides those impacted by cancer with the ability to take a more active role in the care provided. It […]

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Even insured customers are finding the price of cancer treatment too high

Though it is always good news when more advancements are made in cancer treatments, it doesn’t come without a higher price tag for patients. In fact, as the chances of cancer survival continue to improve, so do the bills that come with those treatments. Surgical techniques, drugs, and other innovations that can help cancer patients […]

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