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Has Health Care Reform Affected Supplemental Cancer Insurance Need

health care reform

Many consumers have noticed a change in their health plan premiums. As the health care reform law goes into full swing, many consumers are watching changes to the premiums that they pay for their plans and find themselves wondering if supplemental cancer insurance remains as important and affordable as it once was. The first thing […]

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Is having a cancer plan plus a PPO health insurance plan just like having duplicate coverage?

Cancer Plan and Costs for treatments

No one wants to hear they have cancer… but there can be some comfort in knowing that you have health insurance to help with the financial burden of such a diagnosis. Cancer patients do not only worry about their own health, but they worry about their family as well. Finances are a huge consideration. Those […]

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Did you know that Allstate offers Cancer Insurance

Allstate Cancer Insurance

Allstate is a name in insurance that most people know. Allstate has been offering insurance for 80 years and has a long standing history of providing all types of great insurance policies. Did you know that Allstate also offers cancer insurance as well as many other beneficial policy riders that can help when the worst […]

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Buying health insurance on your own or through your employer

health care costs

Health Insurance can be quite confusing – on your own and with your employer! We often do not know what we should have and how much coverage we need. At times, employers take care of some insurance premiums as a part of employment, but the rest of the time we are on our own. One […]

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Skin cancer awareness and what you need to know about the signs

skin cancer awareness

When the weather heats up, one of the first things many think about is getting some sun. In the right doses, sun is good for the human body. It provides much needed vitamin D and helps with an overall sense of well-being. A segment of the population becomes slightly depressed in the winter months, and […]

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