A cancer insurance policy is the best new Mother’s Day gift

The most unique Mother’s Day gift of all – a cancer plan that will pay her to get regular wellness tCancer Insuranceests!

If you’ve been struggling to come up with a great idea for the gift you’ll be giving on Mother’s Day, then do something meaningful and different this year and buy your mom a gift that she’ll be able to appreciate for longer than a few moments, such as a chocolate fruit basket, a cancer insurance policy, or even a star!

These may not be the traditional type of gift but…

its meaning and the appreciation of it will go a lot further than a bouquet of flowers that will have withered away within a week or a piece of electronics equipment that she’ll never quite figure out how to use. This year, it’s time to give your mom a Mother’s Day gift that will make a meaningful difference in her life.

Another thought might be a chocolate fruit basket, especially one that contains organic fruit and dark chocolate, is a fun, flavorful, and healthy choice. You can choose either a basket of all of her favorites, or one that includes options she’s never tried before for an exotic new experience. This nutrient rich gift shows her that you care about both her happiness and her health.

Speaking of health, there is a new trend of gift-giving that includes the purchase of a cancer insurance policy. If your mother isn’t already getting her annual exams or if she hasn’t been scheduling her mammograms, this is a great way to make sure that the cost is covered and that she doesn’t need to worry about what her standard health coverage will provide. And if she has been getting these vitally important tests and screenings, but typically pays for them, herself, then you’ve just provided her with a great way to keep that money for herself.

Perhaps she’ll even use it to take you out to dinner to thank you for this thoughtful gift that shows how much you care about her health and financial wellbeing.

Then again, if your mother is stellar enough that she is already covered, then you can always buy her a star for that unique gift she’s never received before. This may seem “out there” and complicated, but it’s actually strikingly simple to accomplish, and it is guaranteed to light up her face.

Whether you choose a chocolate fruit basket, a cancer insurance policy, or a star, you’re certain to make your mom smile this Mother’s Day!

Learn more about cancer insurance…

Why is the most caring gift you can give! Most cancer insurance plans will pay you to get your wellness tests, like an annual mammogram, pap test and or colonscopy. So if mom hasn’t been going for these tests, this might help push things along without being too pushy! There’s no better incentive than getting a check in the mail just for doing the right thing…learn more about wellness test benefits for California or get a quote today to find out more about what’s available in your state.


Article: A cancer insurance policy is the best new Mother’s Day gift
Source: Cancer Insurance Info
Author: Loreen Worden

A cancer insurance policy is the best new Mother’s Day gift

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